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Newsy was inspired by information-seekers: people in constant pursuit of the truth, people who ask why, and people who value discovery and diversity in perspectives. And, if you’re reading this, we’re guessing you are one of those people. While our output is honest in-depth context on stories that matter, the input is vastly more important…that’s where you come in.

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The Next-Generation News Network

Newsy’s award-winning journalists deliver “news with the why,” offering honest, in-depth context on stories that matter. For people who aren’t satisfied with getting only the loudest part of the story, Newsy delivers more context, more solutions and greater understanding on the people and events shaping our world.

Editorial Coverage

Newsy features in-depth coverage of the day’s U.S. news and stories from around the world, crafted by and for millennials. Its programming strategy reflects its signature approach — insight, context and sources focused on solutions — and has garnered a loyal audience of 18-34 year-olds.

Newsy coverage comes in many forms, including live daily news coverage, original shows and series, and investigative reporting — all presented through highly visual graphics and cinematic videography.